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Kermit Ward

The 6 Possible Outcomes for Students After Graduation

The level of parental involvement and decision-making has a direct influence on after-graduation outcomes and should be considered paramount. Personally, growing up in a single-parent household, in a large project-housing complex replete with poor adult role models and behaviors all around, yet somehow emerging from an environment such as that to earn a college degree, qualifies me a great example of the impact an involved mom can have on a child’s outcome.

Kermit Ward Announces Updates for the Texas House Public Education Finance Plan

In August, the local school district’s tax ratification election took place, with 85% of voters in favor of raising the district’s tax rate from $1.04 to $1.06835. The extra funding goes directly to the Maintenance and Operations side and is for improvements within the school district. Traditionally, the district has voted against any tax increases.

Inspirery Interview with the Superintendent Of Clarksville Independent School District

I got started in the teaching profession after graduating with a degree in Accounting from Baylor University and working in the auditing area of accounting and just knowing that there was something different out there waiting for me. I was coerced by my Godmother to try out teaching and opted to be a substitute teacher during an extended vacation period from my auditing job. After the first day he was in love with the profession.

High-stakes testing better prepares our students for a highly competitive world

University High School students practice end-of-course exams. Testing on the controversial State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness began this month. Some parents complain that the focus on testing robs students of such skills as critical thinking as well as undermines a broader educational experience in the classroom.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking

Kermit Ward is entering his 21st year in education and is currently the principal of Connally High School. Kermit is going into his seventh year in Pflugerville ISD in Austin, TX. Kermit’s first three years in Pflugerville were spent at the middle school, which was a low performing school at that time, and just two years later, Kermit led that school to achieve the maximum of 7 different distinctions.

A Discussion on Finding Inspirations Through Education

My day starts with me typically meeting with my administrative assistant to review my calendar/agenda for the day and ensuring, from her, that I have all the critical things covered for the approaching day. A typical day will always consist of me visiting with some or several campus leaders and hoping to see a teacher or two be at their best. I have always considered visibility in the campuses and at community level a significant part of my job. If the teachers are in the trenches than I need to be right there alongside them. As one of my Baylor University football coaches once said to me, “I am not capable of coaching you from the press box”.