Kermit Ward

Superintendent of the Clarksville Independent School District

Woodway, Texas


Kermit Ward

Kermit Ward has decades of experience as an educator. Born in Waco, Texas, Kermit came from humble beginnings and was raised in a large project housing project. His single mother worked to ensure that he had the best opportunities growing up. Kermit was enrolled in a high-to-middle class elementary school, where he quickly grew into his passion for education.

In 1992, Kermit graduated with a degree in Accounting from Baylor University. He began his career as a math teacher where he discovered the impact he had on his students extended far beyond the walls of a classroom. Kermit would go on to become a school principle and now, the Superintendent of the Clarksville School District.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

-Anthony J. D'Angelo